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Workmanship Warranty The page below is an exact copy of the San Antonio Roofers Workmanship Warranty which is included with all San Antonio Roofers estimates and proposals. A short term workmanship
warranty, generally one to five years, is issued for roof repairs. On full roof system replacements, half the term of the manufacturer's warranty is covered by our workmanship warranty. For example, a 10 year
workmanship warranty is issued for 20 year shingles, 15 years for 30 year shingles, 20 years for 40 year shingles, and 25 years for 50 year shingles. For further details or questions, contact at San Antonio Roofers.
San Antonio Roofers 10 YEAR WARRANTY THE FOLLOWING ITEMS/AREAS ARE COVERED BY OUR YEAR WARRANTY PROGRAM:**Check mark designates items covered under warranty, X designates items
NOT covered under warranty**Roof jacks Pipe flashings Valleys Base of fireplace (not including siding or masonry wall of fireplace)Low profile vents, turbine vents, ridge vents, HVAC vents or vents of any type
Exposed nails not properly sealed with Sonneborn NP1 sealant Improperly installed shingle causing shingle to fly off or drop Base around skylight (not including fiberglass dome)Patios when done in conjunction with
roof or low slope/pitch roofs NOTE I. This warranty program covers workmanship done by San Antonio Roofers only. Leaks, blown or dropped shingles caused by manufacture defects are covered by manufacturer's
limited warranty and any complaints or claims must be directed to manufacture or distributor. NOTE II. If home owner, another roofing company, or anyone other than a representative/employee of San Antonio
Roofing Services performs, alters, or attempts to repair a leak or blown shingle before Roofers San Antonio is allowed to remedy the problem this warranty will be null and void and Regency Roofing Services will not
be held liable for damage to roof or property of homeowner. NOTE III. If any type of foundation leveling, remodeling, restructuring or tampering of any kind, etc... is done to home, roof or surroundings of home by a
contractor, construction crew/lawn care crew, any company other than Roofers San Antonio or homeowner and it has adversely effected the integrity, durability, longevity, appearance, or compromised the roof in any
way as installed by San Antonio Roofers this warranty will be immediately null and void. NOTE IV. San Antonio Roofers will not be held liable for damage to roof or property of homeowner caused by contractor,
construction crew, homeowner or any one that is NOT a representative/employee of Roofers San Antonio. If there are any questions concerning any portion of this warranty program, feel free to contact Regency
Roofing Services at the number below. By signing below I have been fully explained, understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Roofers San Antonio Warranty
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