Tools used by Roofing San Antonio Roofing Contractor Roofing can be a dangerous job and is always hard work, so
having the best tools and safety equipment available is critical call San Antonio Roofing before starting a roof job. San
Antonio Roofing Articles provides you with an overview of the basic tools and equipment needed to maintain, repair or
install a roof. Some of the tools used have been around for decades, while others have evolved into high tech roofing
tools. Equipping yourself with the right tools enables you to complete jobs efficiently and safely. Read on to learn the
basic tools of the roofing trade. Air Knife Designed specifically for cutting thick laminate shingles an air knife runs on
compressed air and has a heat-tempered hook blade to slice through all types of shingles. Hammer Stapler For some
roofing applications a hammer stapler is used to apply heavy duty non-rusting staples instead of nails. Knee Pads Many
a roofers career is over when his knees give out, so protecting your knees with comfortable pads is highly
recommended. Layout Tools Basic roofing layout requires a plumb line to get accurate reference points, a chalk line to
mark layout lines and a good quality retractable steel tape measure .San Antonio Roofing uses a Pry Bar to remove
roofing material when replacing a roof. Various lengths may be needed depending on the demolition job. Roofers Chair
When spending long periods of time on a pitched roof, the roofers chair with clawed feet gives you a stable and level
working place. Roofing Hammer The most basic tool for any roofer is a roofing hammer, with a hatchet end for splitting
shakes and shingles and a hammer end for pounding nails. Some high quality roofing hammers will have a gauge to let
you easily maintain course height. Roofing Nailer Pneumatic roofing nailers offer many advantages for some types of
roofing jobs. And since a roofing nailer is often the most used and abused tool in a roofers tool chest, you’ll want to get
a name brand model from Bostich, Senco, Hitachi or one of the other major manufacturers. Shingle Saw Used to cut
shingles, slate and other roofing materials. Blades are available for cutting all types of roofing materials including wood
shingles, light metal, masonry material and fiber cement. Slaters Bracket This handy tool provides the roofer with
adjustable positions to hold planks in place when working on a slate roof with most any pitch. Tool Belt A roofer need to
have his hands free as much as possible, so a comfortable, durable tool belt is crucial. Utility Knife A sharp utility knife
and good supply of sharp blades are essential for cutting felt and trimming shakes and roof shingles