My roof is leaking who do I call?" is a phrase that nobody wants to say. But hey, it happens. When my roof leaks, I'll tell
you who I call: a roofer. I'm not saying that to make you feel stupid, but then there are some people out there who don't
associate a roof leak with...a roof.

For instance: I actually know someone who called a San Antonio Roofer when her roof leaked! No, really! Water was
dripping through the ceiling, and instead of calling a roofer, she called a painter to replace the ceiling's drywall and
repaint the ceiling. So, since I have seen it with my own two eyes, it is fair to say that for some people, "My roof is leaking
who do I call?" is a real question.

Yes, calling a roofer is expensive. Yes, you might have to also call a Roofer in San Antonio to replace the drywall and
repaint the dripped-on area. No: There is no other option. The only option is to call a roofer if your roof is leaking. Not a
handyman; not a general contractor; an honest-to-goodness roofer.

Where can you find a roofer if your roof is leaking and you don't know whom to call? OK, good question. Should you use
the phone book? Should you Google it? Should you ask a neighbor?

One thing you can do if you are saying to yourself, "My roof is leaking, who do I call" is to fill out the form below and get
free quotes from pre-screened, licensed roofers in your area. Or you can look up pros in your area by scrolling down to
the bottom of this page and clicking on your city. You'll see a list of pros you can call. If your city isn't listed at the bottom
of this page, go to the home page of this website and click on your state. If that doesn't appeal to you, the next best
thing is to ask neighbors for recommendations. Once you have a recommendation from a neighbor, check San Antonio
Roofers name on the Better Business Bureau website to be sure that there are no active complaints lodged against him.

Who else can you call? If your city has a consumer advocacy hotline, you might consider placing a call to them to find
out if the city offers any rebates or tax breaks to people who make energy-efficiency improvements to their houses. You
could also check your city's municipal website to get that information. If there are any incentives, you might consider
taking the opportunity to not just have the leak fixed but to improve your roof and attic in general.

Regardless of whomever you choose to call to fix your leaking roof, the second call you should make is to his
references. Find out how his work has stood up in the long run, and what he was like to work with. If he can't provide any
references for you (or if he can only provide family members are references), call someone else. Also, it would behoove
you to check his license number to make sure that it is active. Many states have online contractor license checkers.
Also, you should probably call more than one pro. Look at their respective price quotes and references before your
choose one.

So now you have an answer to the question: "My roof is leaking; who do I call?" Good luck! Here's to watertight roofing!
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