San Antonio Roofer reflective roofing on energy-efficient housing
"Green roofing" is a buzzword, a popular idea, but where should you start if you are not a professional roofer
experienced in green roofing? You can start by reading these articles, which will give you even-handed and
level-headed basics of building a green(er) roof. For instance: Is it necessary and appropriate for all buildings with flat
roofs to have white coatings on the roof? Or, are solar roof shingles a better choice than another kind of solar array?
Or, how much does insulation matter, versus the roofing material, when it comes to energy efficiency? Before you go out
and buy those fancy smog-eating shingles, start with these articles. You could save some money, and have a more
energy-efficient house at the same time.

San Antonio Roofer Choices in Green Roofing: Pros and cons of roofing material choices, from shingles to metal to
horticultural green roofs.

Replacing Your Roof With a San Antonio Roofer Greener Roof: A green contractor in San antonio discusses the
energy-efficiency value of properly installing roofing materials.

A Beginner's Guide to Cool Roofs: This is a no-nonsense discussion of reflective roof coatings and reflective roof

Building a House to Fit Local Climate Conditions: An efficient house cannot be broken down into green parts and
materials; it has to work as a system. This article discusses the fundamentals of building and siting a house for optimal

Busting Three Green Insulation Myths: Before you install that attic insulation under your new roof, learn how to avoid
common green insulation mistakes.

Solar Roof Shingles: If you are considering installing a solar array on your roof, solar roof shingles are an interesting
idea. They might not work for everyone, but it's a cool concept.

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