On average, San Antonio sees 300 days of sunshine a year. Needless to say, we're not going to make it there this year.
Heavy rains throughout the summer have caused flooding and an excess of home roof repair. One of the most common
surges in home improvement repairs associated with heavy rains is roof repair. While Austin typically enjoys a
low-maintenance climate for home improvement (our biggest problem is often choosing materials that won't lose their
luster in the sun), we do have years that come up unexpectedly and wreak havoc on our homes. Early Signs that a Roof
Repair is Needed The first sign that a roof has become damaged is usually a wet spot on the ceiling. Unfortunately, too
many people don't take action during this early warning sign. In fact, many homeowners may have simply placed a pot
under a dripping ceiling only a handful of times in the past year or two and convinced themselves either it wasn't a
pressing issue or they didn't have the money to look into the problem. This year, we see the consequences of this
procrastination. Either the wet spot turns into a drip or the drip opens up into a stream. Even if you don't see any signs
within your home, you should have a professional roof inspection done on a regular basis. Heavy Rains and Roof
Repair This is often how it goes. An unusual year for weather triggers an overflow of home improvement repair that
stretches local contractors' ability to service customers and drives up the cost of roof repair. It's difficult as it is to find a
reliable roofing contractor, and during times of heavy volume for home improvement repairs, the good contractors
quickly have a backlog of work that forces you to choose between waiting weeks and weeks for a reliable contractor and
taking a gamble on whomever's left. This is why contractors, real estate agents, insurance companies, and home
improvement professionals urge homeowners to maintain their homes. When you have a problem, it may stem from the
same factors that cause everybody to have a problem. And things are made exponentially worse.If this isn't bad enough,
when damage to your roof is noticed by the appearance of a wet or deteriorated ceiling, fixing your roof leak may be the
least of your concerns. In order to reach the ceiling inside your home, water must not only enter your roof but work its
way through the roof trusses, a layer of insulation, and then through the drywall. Often, by the time this has happened,
dry rot or mold and mildew has begun to cause larger problems in areas of your sub-roofing and attic. San Antonio Roof
Repair: Average Cost and Length of Project The national average for the cost of an asphalt shingle roof repair is $575.
Our San Antonio numbers are in line with this number, but vary widely. Cheap roof repairs can be $250 or less, while
more extensive damage can easily exceed $1,500. The difference we see in the average cost of roof repair in San
Antonio (and around the country) can be largely attributed to quickly responding to your roofing problem. Most other
types of roof repairs come in just under a $1,000. Metal and slate roofing repairs are usually around $1,500