The roofing material you choose for your home can make a big difference not only in your home's efficiency, but in its
appearance and its value, as well. In South Texas, roof installation is found in many different forms; in fact, the Bay
Area is one place in the country where you're likely to find roofs made from just about every material available for the
job! Whether wood or metal, rubber or tile, your San Antonio roof installation is a project that deserves some serious
consideration if you want the best roofing material for your situation. Here are some facts about a few of the most
common roofing materials that could help make your decision a little easier. San Antonio Roof Installation Materials
Asphalt is the most popular roofing material in the country. Though it doesn't have the kind of longevity you find with
some other materials, asphalt is very affordable, provides some insulation, and can hold up under harsh conditions.
Asphalt is also common enough and easy enough to install that it should be no problem finding a good contractor to do
the work. Wood, a material that isn't found as a roofing material in many areas, is not uncommon in and around South
Texas. Roof installation projects in other parts of the country tend to shy away from wood because in many climates,
the material simply doesn't hold up as well as other options. Even in the San Antonio Area, wood will probably require
more maintenance than other materials, but the look is appealing enough that some homeowners don't mind a little
extra work. Wood also provides more insulation than most other roofing materials. Homeowners looking for a roofing
material that will go the distance should consider metal or tile roof installation. San Antonio homeowners can expect a
lifespan of 40 or more years for their metal roof or 70-plus years for a tile roof. Each has its drawbacks; metal provides
very little insulation on its own and must be supplemented, and tile is extremely expensive and may require installing
extra structural support to hold up its higher-than-average weight. Hiring a San Antonio Roof Installation Contractor
Since there are so many different types of roofing materials found in the South Texas Area, it is important that the
contractor you hire to install your roof be well-versed in the material you choose. Though some roofing contractors
might take whatever job they are offered, each material is installed in a different manner; finding a roofing company
that specializes (or has a fair amount of experience) in whatever material you choose is generally a good idea. Make
sure to discuss your project with several different companies and get estimates from each to get the best price, as well
as the most skillful installation! San Antonio Roof Installation Prices Since there is such a wide variety of materials
common to the area and property sizes vary so much, it is difficult to say what the average price of roof installation in
San Antonio And South Texas is. What we can say is that we've seen San Antonio Area roof installations range
between $5,000 and $15,000. Generally, asphalt roofing is the least expensive and tile is the most costly. Metal and
wood are somewhere in the middle. One thing that should be taken into account when choosing a roofing material is
the cost of maintenance it will require over its lifetime. Though you might be able to install a metal roof and a wood roof
for around the same initial cost, wood is likely to cost far more in the long run due to the maintenance it will take to keep
it in good shape.