Texas- sized hail: San Antonio Roofing Company Hail Team

Super cells, massive, rotating thunderstorms, are a frequent occurrence in Texas and the Mid-West, and bring with them
some of the large reported hail stones in the world. Some hail stones are baseball sized and fly hurtling through the air
at speeds of 80 mph! You can bet that after a storm like that, there will be extensive damage to roofs, gutters, windows,
and metal siding from San Antonio Roofing Company Hail Team.

Industrial warehouses, professional offices, school and government buildings, Industrial complexes, and multi-tenant
buildings have unique needs for storm damage recovery. They often can´t wait and wade through exhausting hassles
and claims processes: they need fast recovery time and a return to business as usual with as little downtime as possible.

Trends Affecting Commercial Property Owners:

• Frequency- storms and radical shifts in weather are getting more frequent, with more violent storms reported every

• Severity- these storms are also getting more sudden and more severe. Winds are stronger, rain fall amounts higher,
hail stones larger.

• Extent- thus, the damage becomes more extensive. Ripped siding, flood damage, mold and mildew accumulation,
ruined wiring and plumbing should all be accounted for on any properly assembled Scope of Work.

• Expense- storm damage has gotten more expensive even as insurance settlements are getting smaller. Less resource
to work with can often mean repairs go undone, hurting your investment return.

• Quality- adjusters are spread thin and are rarely fully qualified. Incomplete follow up or inadequate supervision can
also have an effect on the quality of the work done.

What you need to do as a Commercial building owner after a storm:

• Get it covered: you have a responsibility to mitigate your loss. Prevent further damage from happening by boarding
things up or using tarps. If you can´t do it, get someone out there who can, fast.

• Have someone who knows construction meet the adjuster: if you aren´t an expert, don´t try this yourself. It could cost
you thousands in a settlement. You must have someone trained at the inspection.

• Get a properly detailed Scope of Work: it must be thorough, comprehensive, in your best interest, and in the insurance
company´s language. Again, messing up this step could cost you thousands.

• Have a professional do the work: every step of the way, from supervision to the final finishing work, should be done
right, the first time.

San Antonio Roofing Company Hail Team Fast response is definitely something to be desired when you´re covering up
exposed or damaged buildings to prevent further loss. Rushing through the claims process though, is a warning sign
that something is likely to be overlooked or missed. Thorough documentation will support any supplemental work and
payment by the insurance company. To get more information on how you can protect your property investment after
sustaining damage from storms, and to find an advocate who will work for your interest through the claims and recovery