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Metal roofing has increased in popularity significantly over the last several years. If you're looking for installation of a
new metal roof from a qualified contractor, rely on Hometown. We screen residential metal roofing contractors to help
you find a professional roofing company in your hometown.

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Advantages of Metal Roof Installation
Metal roofs offer several advantages over conventional asphalt shingles:

Residential metal roofing is durable. Installed properly, a metal roof will outlast most other materials in the home. Many
manufacturers warranty their metal roofing for up to 50 years. That compares favorable to asphalt shingles, which may
need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. If you compare the average annual metal roof prices to shingles, metal is
competitive over the long haul because you need to repair and replace it less often.

Metal reflects heat from the sun helping your roof and home stay cooler. Metal roofs are extremely energy efficient,
especially in warmer climates.

Metal is non-combustible and fire resistant. Residential metal roofing has a Class A fire rating, which means it receives
the designation of "most resistant" to fires.

Disadvantages of a Residential Metal Roof
Metal roofing costs more initially. The upfront cost of installing a new metal roof is significantly more expensive than
other common roofing products and can run anywhere from $150 per sqaure to $600 per square (a "square" is 100
square feet of roof).

Denting and marring can happen with metal roofs. Many new metal roofs are guaranteed against denting and marring,
but some are prone to damage in the right conditions.

Professional Metal Roofing Contractors
Hometown's goal is to highlight the best metal roofers in your city. It's particularly important to choose an experienced
and reputable metal roofing contractor because metal roof installation requires skills and tools that are different than the
more common asphalt shingle roof.

Hometown has professional metal roofing contractors listed in cities like Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Miami,
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