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There are at least three good reasons to get a roof inspection in San Antonio: maintaining a roof that will add years to
the lifetime of the roof, finding any damage that may have occurred during a recent storm, and protecting your
investment when you're buying a new home. San Antonio isn't particularly known for its extreme weather, but this doesn't
mean roof inspections are superfluous. They are a vital part of maintaining your roof. Roof inspections, for San Antonio
homeowners, should be done on a regularly scheduled basis. This may sound obvious, but in other places, different
factors may determine when you schedule a roof inspection. In Houston, for example, a roof inspection should be done
after a hurricane or tropical storm has hit, in addition to regular inspections.

The NRCA: Recommendations for Roof Inspections in San Antonio
The National Roofing Contractor's Association recommends you have a roof inspection twice a year. While you should
never underestimate the importance of maintaining your roof, continuous roof inspections in San Antonio may not be
necessary. Biannual inspections are recommended especially for homes subjected to harsh, winter conditions. A better
idea may be to have your roof inspected after periods of heavy rain or rare wintry bursts. Naturally, older roofs require
more diligence. If you have a roof still under warranty, it might also be a good idea to have it inspected before the
warranty expires.

The Cost and Length of Roof Inspection in San Antonio
The average cost of a roof inspection in San Antonio is $300, but price may not be the biggest factor in choosing a San
Antonio roof inspector. Choosing someone you can trust will make sure that the roof inspection is thorough but also that
any roof repairs or work that's suggested is warranted and done efficiently. If you're planning on inspecting your roof
every year, you'll want to find someone you can work with in the long run. Plus, this contractor might give you future
discounts for your repeat business.

Roof inspections, as you might imagine, don't take that long to complete. The length of the project is almost entirely
determined by finding a time you and your contractor have free. While quality roofers may take some time to make it to
your house, the nice thing is that, unlike other home improvement projects, there probably isn't any urgent rush to have
your roof inspected. Despite the cramped schedule of most contractors, you should plan on being there during the
inspection. Ask as many questions as you can, understanding your roof will help you understand both why inspections
are important and making future decisions with contractors.

Not sure if your roof is in good shape? Click here to hire a local
Roof Inspector

Roof Inspections, Repairs, and Scams
You should always look for a quality contractor first, but especially with roofing contractors finding someone you can
trust is the most important thing. Despite the large number of roof contractors in San Antonio, the demand is even
higher. Jumping at the first person you find that can come to your home for the cheapest rate, may lead to unnecessary
repair costs down the line. We prescreen all the contractors in our database and provide useful reviews and ratings for
our contractors, but there's simply no way to protect against every roofing scam out there. That said, by using our
database and conducting your own interviews with multiple contractors, you can become reassured that you're getting
quality service from a reliable, honest roofing professional.

Roof Inspections vs. Home Inspections
If you're considering a roof inspection, as part of routine maintenance, you might think about a home inspection instead.
Home inspections often don't cost anymore than roof inspections. Roof inspections are part of a general home
inspection. Of course, if you're primarily concerned about your roof, you'll want to ask your home inspector about his or
specific experience with roofing. You don't want to sacrifice a quality roof inspection, but it might be possible to have the
general condition of your home checked and maintain your roof. If you're having your roof inspected after a storm or
suspect something's wrong specifically with your roof, you may as well just go ahead and hire a roofing inspector. On
the other hand, you'll want to maintain and regularly inspect other things in your home than just your roof. Unless you've
developed a relationship with your roofing contractor, you may want to see if you can kill multiple birds with the same
inspecting stone

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