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Unfortunately, many misconceptions surround metal roofing that has unfairly dissuaded homeowners from choosing this
beautiful, high-performance roof. Some of these misconceptions spring from older metal roofing installations; others
come from shoddy companies who used improper installation methods. A quality San Antonio roofing company will
probably offer you a 40- or 50-year warranty on your metal roofing, and there's a good chance you'll never need it.

The truth is metal roofing is a high-performance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting roofing material. Don't believe, either,
the stories that metal roofing is going to be a loud distraction when it rains. There's tons of insulation and dampening
between the metal and your home's interior. Studies have been conducted and metal roofing is no louder than other
roofing material. Coating, painting, and other roofing treatments all but eliminate rust problems while simultaneously
offering beautiful finishes that enhance house style and design.

Metal Roofs in San Antonio Neighborhoods
Metal roofs are most popular in more urban neighborhoods, where metal roofs won't stick out with more rural, sprawling
house plans. They give a home a sleek, modern look that conveys sophistication without sacrificing beauty. You can
probably spot these homes in  other neighborhoods near the city's center. Part of this popularity, however, has more to
do with the aforementioned misconceptions than innate metal roofing design. Painting a metal roof can give it a vibrant
and distinctive look that works in more rural suburbs just as well as in urban areas. We've seen metal roofing
installations go up as far away from the city as Converse and Canyon Lake.

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Cost of San Antonio Metal Roofing
Any roofing professional will tell you that though metal roofing isn't the cheapest installation out there, even given its
longevity, it's one of the most cost-effective. Still, ServiceMagic tracks home improvement projects all across the country
and in San Antonio, including metal roofing. Our data shows that the average cost of a metal roofing installation is about
$5,500, which is comparable to asphalt shingling, and cheaper than most of the other alternatives.

The explanation for this is a simple one. Metal roofing is most popular for custom-built and more vertically-designed
homes, which means that while the cost per square foot is higher, most metal roofing projects have a relatively small
surface area. If you want a beautiful metal roof for your ranch style home, expect to pay more for the initial installation.

San Antonio Metal Roofing and Homeowners' Insurance
There may very well be auxiliary benefits to choosing a metal roof. You should contact your insurance company. Many
Texas insurance companies offer reduced premiums to homeowners who install durable roofing. Particularly, if you're
willing to install higher-gauge aluminum or steel roofing, you may see significant discounts. These discounts are also
solid proof that a metal roof in San Antonio is a low-risk, high-performance home installation.

Project Length of San Antonio Metal Roofing
Installing a metal roof is no overnight operation. In fact, metal roofing will probably take longer to install than most other
roofs, a significant part of its higher cost. While other roofing can be up and running in just a few days, metal roofing
often takes a week or more to install. Our data suggests total project length, from start to finish, will average right
around two weeks.

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